The Belman D'Mello Kamath family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan that traces it's roots to Bibinal in Belmannu (known in Konkani as Belman) in the Karkala taluka of the Udupi district.

They are the progeny of Sebastian D'Mello (born in 1850), an agriculturist by profession. He resided in Bibinal village at Belman, where many of his descendants still live.[1]

The D'Mello Kamaths are among the most prominent Catholic clans in Belman. The other prominent clans that hail from Belman are the D'Souza Mudarthas at Balegundi, Aranhas at Bola and Cardozas in and around Indar, and the Mathias Prabhus at Nanilthar who are the largest and wealthiest clan in Belman.[2]

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    • This work also includes the genealogy of the D'Mello-Kamaths of Belman.