Camelot Publishers is a self publication started by genealogist Michael Lobo. It was started because Lobo felt that his research project A Genealogical Encyclopaedia of Mangalorean Catholic Families would be restricted to members of the Mangalorean Catholic community, and so publishers would refuse to publish it. It has been assigned the International Standard Book Number 9788187609XXX from the Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN at New Delhi. It was named after the Camelot locality in Mangalore, where Lobo resides.[1]

Three books have been self-published by Lobo under the banner of Camelot Publishers till date. They are Mangaloreans world-wide: an international directory of the Mangalorean Catholic community (1999), Distinguished Mangalorean Catholics, 1800-2000: a historico-biographical survey of the Mangalorean Catholic community (2000), and The Mangalorean Catholic Community - A Professional History / Directory (2002)


  1. Curriculum Vitae – Dr Michael Lobo, "Preface To A Genealogical Encyclopaedia of Mangalorean Catholic Families"

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