The Codialbail Farias Prabhu family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan that has it's roots in Codialbail. The clan's earliest known ancestor is Francis Xavier Farias (1776 – 19 March 1857). Though the family is said to have originated in Hazar, the family was in Codialbail from the time baptismal recording began in 1810.[1] Many members of the clan use the surname Ferris, instead of Farias.

Francis Xavier Farias married Anna D'Souza, and had eight children:

  • Joachim Manuel (born in 1804)
  • John (born in 1808)
  • Rosa Anna (born on 23 August 1810)
  • Monica (born on 27 November 1815)
  • Natalia Magdalen (born in 1817)
  • Maria Sabina (born on 27 November 1819)
  • Elena (born on 1 April 1825)
  • Philip (born on 4 July 1828 – October 30, 1858)[1]


Name Born Died Remarks
Anil Ferris 1960's Amateur genealogist and author of Ferris Family Connections.


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