The Falnir Vas Naik family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan hailing from the suburb of Falnir in Mangalore city. They trace their descent to José Vas, who was born about 1720 in Pandevado, Chorao in Goa. Vas emigrated to Mangalore in the 18th century . He and his entire family were amongst those arrested under the mandate of Tipu Sultan on the night of Ash Wednesday, 25 February 1784. They were forcibly marched to Seringapatam and only managed to escape when Seringapatam was captured on Tipu Sultan's death in battle on 4 May 1799. Many of his descendants have changed their last name to Vaz.[1] This clan boasts the first published work on the genealogy of a Mangalorean Catholic clan.[2]

Jose Vaz married Appolonia Braganza and had four children, Salvadore, Sebastian, João and Anna.[1]


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