The Omzoor Machado Prabhu family is a Mangalorean Catholic clan that has it's roots in the town of Omzoor, near Ferangipet, about 14km north-east of Mangalore.[1]

The names of the ancestors who immigrated to South Canara are unknown. They were ganvkars (landlords) from the village of Aldona in Bardez, who in 1680 fled Goa to escape from the growing Maratha incursions, and immigrated to Mermajal in Omzoor, near Ferangipet, a few miles inland from the coast at Mangalore.[2]

According to Goan Catholic historian Bernardo Elvino de Sousa, the Machado Prabhus of Omzoor belong to the 12th vangodd (clan) of Aldona village in Bardez, North Goa.[3] The other post-conversion surnames to be found among this vangodd are Afonso, de Sousa, Fernandes, Maçedo and Soares.[4]

There is reason to believe that their first surname was Maçedo, not Machado, and the change took place sometime between 1886 and 1892 when Italian priests started dominating the Catholic church since Latin does not have the ç.[5]

In Omzoor, the extended family lived in two houses, Melina Naladive Mane (Kannada: Upper House), which would suggest it was located in the village of Omzoor up on the plateau, and Kalegina Naladive Mane (Kannada: Lower House), down among the paddy fields below, suggesting a certain level of prosperity.[1]

The earliest known ancestor of this family is João Machado, who was the only known member of the clan to have survived Tipu Sultan's captivity at Seringapatam. He married Rosa Braga and sired ten children. They are as follows:

Isabella, born on 19 July 1801, Natalia, born on 4 May 1803, Joachim Louis, born on 3 July 1806 and died on 12 November 1868 at age 62, Simon, born circa 1808, Diego, born circa 1812, Anthony, born in 1815, Sebastian, born circa 1818, Gabriel, born in 1820 and Ignatia, born circa 1822.[5]

Unable to retain possession of his ancestral properties at Omzoor, the family split up with his five sons going their separate ways to set down new roots in and around Mangalore.[6] Joachim and Simon settled down at Marolli, Diego at Padil, Gabriel at Boloor and another at Nirmaga.[6]


Name Born Died Remarks
Alan Machado Prabhu 1950 Historian on the Mangalorean Catholic community.


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