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Walter Nandalike
Walter Nandalike.jpg
Born 1972 or 1973 (age 43 or 44)[1]
Residence Dubai, United Arab Emirates[1]
Spouse(s) Wilma Nandalike[1]
Children Cema Nandalike[1]
Samantha Nandalike[1]

Walter Nandalike (born 1972 or 1973) is the founder of Daijiworld Media (Mangalore), a web portal on the Mangalorean community. He is currently the Editor-in-chief and and Managing director of Daijiworld. He was awarded the 2009 "Star of the Year" award for his achievements in the field of web journalism, by the International Institute for Public Policy (IIPP), an organization to recognize individuals who have made commendable contribution to the city of Mangalore.[1]

Walter originally hails from the village of Nandalike in Udupi district. He had migrated to the Gulf for employment purposes, with no knowledge of computers. Having learnt about computers, he sent his first E-mail to his friends on 1 April 2000 saying that he was hosting a site on the Net, which was meant to be a joke for All Fools Day. His friends took him seriously and started inquiring about the site. Surprised by the levels of interest, Walter started thinking seriously about the project. He learnt computers thoroughly and eight months later on 14 January 2001, launched, primarily with the objective of hosting information and news only pertaining to Konkani language and society. The portal is now known as[2]

He was also nominated for the Pingara Kannada journal’s "Pingara Rajyotsava Award" for the year 2007.[3] Walter currently resides in Dubai and is married to Wilma Nandalike, and they have three children, Cema Nandalike and Samantha Nandalike.[1]


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